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In recent years the FABLABs with the centers of competence and the MAKERS have rightly been indicated as some of the most important resources, which thanks to their experiences, have given an innovative impulse that goes beyond national borders, but concerns the whole Europe.

Especially in terms of DIGITAL RENEWAL, the collaborative soul that allows the artisans of digital and design to work on the most varied projects, have made it possible to offer various tools, to adapt to technological innovation, increasingly fundamental tools for individuals and micro-enterprises.

So here is that the natural evolution of collaborations and skills, in the field of national projects and European projects, has made it possible to offer services ranging from the creation of Websites, Virtual Reality, Interactive 360 ​​Marketing, to the Apps we all know.

Tell us about your ideas and projects, we take care of making them come true, developing them at every stage of the project.

Our Google 360 ​​Virtual Tour services

We are also accredited by Google for the creation of a Google Virtual Tour for the my Business profile for activities.

These projects show the details and characteristics of a business with the ability to visit the interiors 24 hours a day via Google Maps.

Essential for promoting and giving visibility to every activity on search engines, but especially for accommodation facilities, hotels and spas, the sense of having a Virtual Tour, integrated on your my business card is multiple:

The effect of having a greater image of reliability for Google’s algorithms, which consider Street View an added value (Local SEO) for an activity on the Web.

More likely to attract traffic from users who type keywords on search engines.

Having the possibility to show the best details of the structure, interactively.

Be visible on Google Maps worldwide.

Below, the link to the official page of the study, of effectiveness, Ipsos Media CT and Street View, which indicates how useful it is to make your business visible. Street View Business

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