Virtual Tour, the advantages of this new tool in Media Marketing.

The 360 virtual tours have an initial diffusion in the Real Estate market, to make it possible for real estate portals to be able to show the inside of the buildings, in an interactive mode and to capture the interest of visitors more.

With the progress of the Virtual Tour design software, rightly so, they are now more and more an effective and innovative means of communication and marketing and together with Virtual Reality they are certainly among the most intriguing tools of Media Marketing in recent years.

In fact, they leave little room for the imagination, they are immersive and give the possibility to interact by increasing the permanence on the Website. They can be integrated into any Portal or Website, it does not matter of the type of platform used to design the Site

It is also possible to share it in the Social pages.

Current statistics clearly reveal that the demand for Virtual Reality projects, in the field of Media Marketing, is growing strongly.

The interests of today’s Consumers have become increasingly sophisticated, making it increasingly difficult to capture their interest. It becomes necessary to use innovative promotional strategies, in order to be able to convey sensations that are able to capture users.

A classic example is certainly that given by a hotel or a B&B, which requires an Interactive Virtual Tour project, to have greater visibility on the Web, compared to the competition.

For these structures the fact of having a Virtual Tour integrated in one’s own on the Website is an added value, in fact able to show their most interesting details, linked together, in a Virtual Visit, producing the effect of involving the visitor and also being able to give greater credibility to the structure.

The project published in this article is an example of application for B&B.