Virtual Showroom

Showroom virtuale

In order to develop a Virtual Reality solution, specific for the creation of Virtual Showrooms, we have developed this project aimed at various brands, which need to have virtual showcases, which have the potential of both technologies, virtual reality and virtual tours.

The particularities of this project are mainly:

Responsive Design.

Ability to open the tour in full screen mode.

Area dedicated to the reference store, with link to the website.

Ability to open the 3D pop up in full screen mode.

360 degree virtual environments, developed according to the Show Room concept.

Interactive pop-ups of 3D objects of the products to be displayed, obtained from 3D scans.

Connection hotspot between environments with customized graphics in the brand image.

Slide show of the garments produced, linked to the specific page of the website in the e commerce section.

An example of a virtual Showroom integrated with 3D pop-ups of objects is visible on this page, where you can interact with the tour, open both tours and 3D pop-ups in full-screen mode.

In the second view of the tour there is a pop-up project of a 3D model of a jacket, created by Tomas Flynn of the Sketchfab community using photographic processing and the generation of the 3D object thanks to the use of Agisoft Metashape software.

Instruction for optimal visibility of the Tour from a mobile device.

To see the tour project from small screen devices, you need to hold the device vertically and first open full screen by tapping the button / icon shown in the photo below.

Immagine di utilizzo tour virtuale da smartphone