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We carry out Virtual Open Day projects, that is, specific high quality interactive Virtual Tours to enhance and promote Schools and their training offers.

The simple and safe possibility of integrating the Virtual tour into the institute’s website, customized with navigation menus, information hot spots and videos, provides complete information to the user.

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In this way, the Virtual Open Day is aimed at all those schools in the national territory that want to promote and offer an Interactive Visibility, mainly dedicated to entrance orientation, opening the doors of the Schools virtually to users, both parents and pupils, facilitating families in choosing the correct training path, thanks to the enhancement of classrooms and educational workshops directly online.

Universities, Lyceums, Professional Institutes, Technical Institutes, whether State, Equal or Private, can offer visitors an Interactive and customized Open Day based on the needs of the training offer.

Furthermore, the Interactive Virtual Tour Project created has the possibility of being published in Street View Business mode, that is, it can be published on Google Maps and on the My Business card of the Institute, if present, so as to obtain thanks to the effect of LOCAL SEO an increase in the online visibility and organic positioning of your My Business card and the website connected to it.

Giuseppe Candelletta.