Google Virtual Tour for My Business card

Give your business more visibility on Google Maps
Increase contacts and visits to your site with
virtual tours specific to activities

Smartphone street view

The Google Virtual Tours of any type of business, called Google certified “Street View Business”, give the possibility to show the interiors of any business, with Google Maps.

Indispensable for promoting and giving visibility to every activity on search engines, but especially for
receptive structures, Hotels and SPA, the sense of having a Virtual Tour, integrated on your own my business card is manifold:

The effect of having a greater image of reliability for Google algorithms, which consider Street View an added value (Local SEO) for an activity on the Web.

More likely to attract traffic to users who type keywords on search engines.

Have the opportunity to show the best details of the structure, interactively.

Be visible on Google Maps worldwide.

The Google Virtual Tour is directly connected to the my Business Google.

You can learn more about the usefulness and importance of a Google Virtual Tour, to show your activity on Google maps by clicking the link to the official page with studies, of effectiveness, Ipsos Media CT and Street View.