The spirit of being part of a Coworking project

When one’s work means developing every
day new ideas and turn them into projects.

The sense and the desire to join a work group, made up of people with different experiences and training, meant for me an opportunity.
And that is that of being part of a group, having so many opportunities for comparison and stimulation.

Casa Corsini is a public and welcoming project that has grown together with the contributions and sharing of projects and ideas, transformed into reality. Now in the Modena area, Casa Corsini is a reference point for everyone, thanks to its offers ranging from the CoWorking space, of which I am a member, to Fablab and FabLab Junior and finally to the Music Factory, a space where music has room to grow.

The Music Factory is a reference point for the local music scene.
A meeting and sharing point for musicians, for concerts, good music and jam sessions. Two large rehearsal rooms can be found, fully equipped with voice, battery, guitar and bass amplifiers.

FabLab Junior, Coding and not only.
Thanks to the contribution of the Cassa di Risparmio di Modena Foundation, the municipality of Fiorano Modenese has created the first FabLab in the region at Casa Corsini, designed and built for the 6-14 age group.
At the FabLab Junior you learn to program, to create apps, to use 3D printers.
Every week we offer workshops that give children who participate in the projects the opportunity to improve their scientific skills, growing together and learning while having fun.

What is a FabLab? It’s a workshop, a factory and a laboratory where you can share ideas and projects and turn them into reality. It is practically a space that has equipment such as a laser cutter and a 3D printer and many other equipment.

The choice to join the Community was dictated by my desire to grow and to always learn …
I discovered a varied environment where I could meet people with their exclusive skills.

And to say the motto of the Community of Casa Corsini it is … together we grow.
Get to know all the staff members and the various training opportunities of Casa Corsini.

Visit all the rooms and discover the projects that can be done at Casa Corsini