Publish a Street View Business project of your business on Google Maps.

google street view
Smartphone street view

Click the preview at the bottom left

From the smartphone click on the preview image. You can go directly to the Pupetta Dairy Virtual Tour in Fano.

Be visible on Google Maps.

To describe some of the benefits that any activity would have thanks to your my Business card, with all the details of the activity and to be present on Google Maps with an Interactive Virtual Tour, I have to make an initial consideration.

Noting that the 4G and 5G data connections have reached a high level of efficiency and speed.

Considering that the unstoppable progress of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, they will lead them to have a level of diffusion, usability, speed and quality of navigation such as to make them the devices mainly used to carry out searches on the Web, both for work and as a hobby.

Said this, the fact for any activity, to be present on the Web and on Google Maps is indispensable, mainly to have immediate visibility and to be able to promote research, with a more effective image and credibility.

Google Virtual Tours.

The Google Virtual Tours for activities, are real 360 degree interactive virtual visits, that make the interiors of any activity on Google Maps visible and navigable and are directly linked to my Business card.

From a mobile device, if the Street View is present, it will be possible, by clicking the preview on the lower left, to navigate the Street View of the structure.

Or you can get directions for navigation, call the activity number directly, save the link to Google my Business card, send a message, see opening times, the posts, the reviews, the photos, or have the direct link to the Website if present, etc.

You can learn more about the usefulness and importance of a Google Virtual Tour, to show your business on Google Maps, clicking on the link to the official page with a study, of effectiveness, Ipsos Media CT and Street View.

Virtual Tour for Hotel.

A separate discussion must be made for accommodation facilities, such as Hotel, B&B and SPA for which the sense of having a Virtual Tour, integrated on your own my business card is summarized in some main points:

Global visibility on Google Maps, interactively showing the best image of the structure.

The ability to attract traffic to users searching for structures using keywords on search engines.

A better image of reliability, for an activity present on the Web, to the analysis of Google algorithms, which consider, an added value for Local SEO, the fact of having a Street View Business.

For more information on the features offered by the My Business tab, for accommodation facilities and possible sponsorships you can visit the official page of Google Hotel Ads.

Our agency is Google accredited, for the realization of Street View Business and that is Virtual Tour projects for any type of activity.

Below is the link to the Google site, where we are present in the list of accredited agencies.

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