School Orientation Project

Virtual Open Day

Sito web dell'orientamento didattico

With the intention of creating a Virtual Open Day project, i.e. a Web Site that would collect secondary school institutions of the Key Stage 3 end 4 we have created an interesting project in the Lombard municipality of Vigevano, which is obtaining considerable consensus and interaction on the Web.

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Virtual Open Day for Schools

For the project to be carried out, during the briefing phase, the possibility of creating an institutional image was requested, which represented the will of the council to show online, both to families and students of the municipality of Vigevano, the various training proposals.

From the created Web Site it is possible to view the various institutional presentation pages of the Institutes, from where it is possible to download information Brochures and visit in Virtual Tour mode, some of the most interesting classrooms, laboratories or structures of the Institutes, which have joined the Orientation project .

You will find information regarding the school and training courses available in the area and the schools and vocational training centers that offer them.

In the institutional pages dedicated to the various institutes, there are also help indications to know the qualification obtained at the end of the course, thus being able to verify whether it corresponds to one’s expectations.

It is also possible to find the reference, which concerns the study subjects provided for by the different paths, trying to understand how they can help to develop those skills, which it is essential to possess in order to improve not only one’s cultural and professional preparation but also one’s own way of being.

Giuseppe Candelletta.