Real Estate, Virtual Tour, Home Staging.

Example of projects for real estate applications

Home Staging, Virtual Tour, Real Estate.

The sense of applying Virtual Reality to the Real Estate sector goes far beyond the simple function of being able to offer a Virtual Visit, of the properties offered for sale.

Our Virtual Tours, allow a real content management system.

Customers can integrate their Virtual Tour with information or images.

In fact, during the project phase, you can choose video files, images, audio, text, PDF, presentations, or create a link with Google Map, with a contact, booking, general information, etc.

You can add a logo with the link to the Institutional Website.

All this information is then integrated with hotspots placed in the environment.

The Virtual Tour can be shared with social media.

In the Virtual Tour, you can view a map or a floor plan divided by floors, so as to have immediately clear which room is on which floor.

Virtual Home Staging.

A field of application of our Tours consists in the development of Rendering in Virtual Tour for Home Staging projects which is part of the service that manages the preparation, physical or virtual, of a property for sale or rent taking care of every detail of its presentation on the market.

In the case of empty buildings or buildings to be restored, it will not be possible to give the right perception of the rooms. Home Staging is thus able to present customers with 360 panoramic views already furnished, recreated through Rendering of the environments.

In this way customers can have a real perception of how the finished property will look with potential furnishings and their layout.

Summing up.

Real Estate Agents and builders can benefit enormously from the use of Virtual Tour and Virtual Staging, obtaining more interaction with the Website and better contacts (serious Leads).

More time spent on your Website and on your ad means a good job for SEO and a higher ranking on search engines.

The Virtual Tours have by now a fundamental role, that of capturing the contacts, in the initial phase, for 24 hours a day and in any part of the world.

Including these services as part of the content of the ads greatly facilitates word of mouth and sharing. This serves to strengthen the reputation of the Brand and the agents.

Statistics show that when online properties are displayed, buyers spend an average of 8 minutes on an interactive ad, before taking the action to switch to the next level or not. In addition, 360 Virtual Tours make four times more requests than traditional ads and 49% more LEADS.

Variations are technically possible.
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