Virtual Tour Immobiliari per siti web e IDEALISTA

Real Estate Sector

The importance of Virtual Tours

The Mondo Casa Rovereto real estate group has chosen to rely on our services for the creation of specific Virtual Tours 360, for the Real Estate sector.

Our projects have been judged 100% compatible by the first Real Estate platform for Southern Europe, that is IDEALISTA for their publication and use for real estate ads.

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The main reasons for using Virtual Tours in the Real Estate sector.

The main reasons for using Virtual Tours in the Real Estate sector are even more evident in this period of health emergency, characterized by generalized lockdowns and social distancing rules.

These new habits and behaviors essential to guarantee public health, have increased on the most important real estate platforms, such as IDEALISTA, a greater demand for the first remote virtual visit by potential buyers.

It is therefore essential for real estate agencies to adhere to these changes, using the technological services offered, which allow them to show the properties remotely, with the use of Virtual Tour, in an efficient way, to potential buyers.

The first Virtual Visit in this way does not require travel, it is visible in the Real Estate Ads and on its Website 24 hours a day, it can be shared and described by agents at times convenient to their needs and those of customers, thus also managing to optimize the own time.

The Virtual Tour is easily and securely shared on your website, on social networks and via chat, whatsapp, messenger and is responsive, that is, it adapts to any device such as a PC, smartphone or tablet.

To briefly summarize the main benefits of using Real Estate Virtual Tours, we could list:

  • Greater clarity in your announcements, because the Virtual Tour reproduces a real visit, showing the layout and composition of the various rooms. This would be impossible despite the inclusion of many photographs in the Real Estate ad.
  • Greater visibility on real estate portals and in search results, on the main search engines, where potential buyers are obviously attracted by ads that contain complete and quality information, such as Virtual Visits.
  • And certainly the benefit of being able to shorten the sales or rental times, again thanks to the more information provided, regarding a real estate solution, which undoubtedly has the effect of attracting more interested potential customers, is certainly not less important.

Giuseppe Candelletta.