Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality represents the simulation of reality, for Didactic, Industrial, Medical and Commercial uses.
The possibility is created in a 3D space
to interact with the environment and to be able to explore.
What fields of application is Virtual Reality going to?

At the moment we are mainly focusing on the exclusive use of application fields that use the sense of sight, which is why virtual environments are developed with remarkable visual qualities, thus managing to represent reality in a credible way.

An example of a highly appreciated application is in the architectural field, for those structures not yet completed or being restructured, where thanks to the use of renderings developed in Virtual Tours, it is possible to represent and test the results that will be obtained at completion of the work.

Or in the Real Estate field where employing both Virtual Tours and Immersive Virtual Reality projects, developed for viewers, more valuable properties can be enhanced, reducing the average time for sale of properties.

In addition, other fields of application of VR are in the field of fashion or medicine.

Even Facebook is preparing to launch Horizon a platform from which users can try Social experiences in VR mode.

Our 360 ° Virtual Tour projects can also be developed for use through i Viewers of RV Google Cardboard, thus giving a more immersive display mode, even at accessible costs.

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