Galvani Pasolini High School

Watch this fine example of an Interactive Virtual Tour project.
The project is integrated into the new Institutional Website of the High school, for a didactic and informative use.

Liceo Galvani Pasolini

Project tour of the Luigi Galvani High School.

Watch this Virtual reality project developed in Tour and discover its potential.
Perhaps, such a project has been published and presented for the first time, integrated into an Institutional, Italian Website.

A bit of history.
The Liceo was founded in 1860 initially under the name of Regio High school of Bologna.
Initially with only two classes and which had its first location in the hospital of the
Death, currently home to the Archaeological Civic Museum.

In 1865 it was named after Luigi Galvani and still preserves the monument to Luigi Galvani, visible on the Tour.

In 1882 he was transferred to the current headquarters in Via Castiglione 38, at the ancient Jesuit college of Santa Lucia.

The monument to Galvani is visible through this project, integrated into the new Institutional High School website.
Moreover it is possible to see in Virtual Tour mode, some of the most important legacies, which have become part of the cultural heritage of Bologna.

These include the famous Zambeccari Library, the new Galvani Pasolini Gallery, the Galvani Pasolini Library.
Of particular interest is the area of the Branch, with the new and modern Chemistry Laboratory and the EEE particle detector.

Special thanks to the the boy of the Burstnet and to the respectable School Rector of the Institute.

Indicazione di tour Virtuale