A website shows Schools for Infancy and Preschools

We have therefore created a second website that concludes the Orientation project and from which it is possible to visit the various institutional pages dedicated to the various institutes.

School Orientation Project

For the project to be carried out, during the briefing phase, the possibility of creating an institutional image was requested, which represented the will of the council to show online, both to families and students of the municipality of Vigevano, the various training proposals.

Virtual Open Day for Schools

We carry out Virtual Open Day projects, that is, specific high quality interactive Virtual Tours to enhance and promote Schools and their training offers.

Real Estate Sector Importance of Virtual Tours

The main reasons for using Virtual Tours in the Real Estate sector. The main reasons for using Virtual Tours in the Real Estate sector are even more evident in this period of health emergency, characterized by generalized lockdowns and social distancing rules.

Virtual Showroom

In order to develop a Virtual Reality solution, specific for the creation of Virtual Showrooms, we have developed this project aimed at various brands, which need to have virtual showcases, which have the potential of both technologies, virtual reality and virtual tours.