Art and Tourism

What Tourist Tourism represents.

Art and tourism

Tourism marketing … represents the set of those strategies implemented over the long term, to improve the development and visibility of the structures and works that are part of the cultural heritage of a specific territorial area.

Marketing actions must be applied constantly to improve the positioning of tourism promotion platforms.

This strategy will have to start with a detailed project and must be constantly evolving, depending on
of the new data and contents that will come into our possession. A good example of a tourism promotion platform is both by setting and by content.

But even in this case the marketing tools used are still the traditional videos or photographs, while in other States, in recent years the number of Virtual explorations published for the institutions that manage the cultural heritage and tourist resorts is remarkably increased.

This is probably because in other contexts outside our borders there is more interest and sensitivity for innovations, such as the fact of having the possibility of integrating Virtual Tours with a page of the Promotion Website and to complete it with interactive contents that can refer to a booking form, link, timetables of public transport … so as to make it an interactive, simple and intuitive promotion tool.

So Virtual Tours as tourism marketing, today become one of the main tools of interest for organizations or various associations, such as:
Local agencies for the promotion of the territory.
Public bodies and cultural heritage for the promotion of museums, parks, churches.
Cultural associations for the promotion of events or exhibitions.

In short, the interest would be aimed at any organization or association that needs to promote itself with images, but in an engaging and innovative way.